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Company Profile

Beijing Ruituojiangnan Automatic Control Equipment Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of quarter-turn control valve, and produces pneumatic/intelligent hydraulic butterfly valve and ball valve.

In 1990s, we began to introduce the technology and products from Adqvalve Group, and after more than 20 years of development, we now have formed unique product system.

  1. Pneumatic/hydraulic triple eccentric metallic-sealed butterfly valve has obtained API 6FA fire-proof and SIL3 certification and ISO low fugitive emission certification, and its seal is up to ANSI VI .Products are tested according to zero leakage before they leave the factory.

1It is specially used for tight-cutting condition, replacing ball valve and gate valve. Used in the inlet and outlet of the reaction kettle for cutting off, mainly used for cutting off process materials, regulation accuracy is relatively ideal.

2Triple eccentric sealing technology is superior to German ADAMS, sealing pair is unified configuration and can be replaced at site.

3Pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve has been verified millions of times by Lloyd's Register of Shipping. There are many achievements in high-frequency gas production condition of PSA.

  2.  Ball valve of Adqvalve·Ruituo is manufactured by Taiwan enterprise, and PTFE adopts DuPont professional customized sealing components. All parts are unified configuration.

Hard-sealed ball valve has special structure design which is anti-coking and anti-polymer. It has got fire-proof certification, SIL, CE, and TUV certification.

The valve stem has TA-LUFT certification for preventing side force leakage. (because the upper axle valve stem of ball valve is not like butterfly valve, and it is easy to be influenced by lateral force when used as control valve).

Ball valve is mainly used in: the inlet and outlet of the polymerization kettle , cutting off the process material , and in the tank area .

 3. Unique RC200 series double-scotch yoke pneumatic actuator: driven by double scotch yokes, double pistons, double springs, balanced action, advanced structure, small size, light weight, large output torque, long life of high frequency action!

It has been widely used in chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, coal chemical industry, electricity, chemical fiber, chlor-alkali, steel, aerospace and other industries! And it also has obtained network access qualification of Sinopec, PetroChina, China Chemical, CNOOC, Yanchang Group, Yanzhou Mining Group, China Worldwide, China Tianchen, China Hualu, Formosa Plastics, LG, France liquid Air and other enterprises.


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Company Culture

Integrity-based、Change Innovatively
Keep Surmounting、Pursue Perfection
Pursue Fairness, Justice, Rationality and Science in internal manageme


With strong international joint manufacturing capacity, and the use of strong technology, our group tries to meet user's requirements, and take the construction of quality engineering as the ultimate goal to achieve a good use effect. Commitments for technical advice, technical services, after-sales service are as follows:

1 All of them are involved in the company's ISO9000 management system

Design and selection, matching accessories, manufacturing process, test process, packaging process, after-sales service, visits and other processes are documented, controllable and can be improved.

    2 Fully complete the pre-sale service

In order to ensure the using requirements, strengthen the contact and communication with users, concrete content: on-site survey,summary of relevant working conditions, technical disclosure summary, and quality reliability verification.

For some special or complex products or for customer needs, specially arrange engineer to provide technical training and communication on the use of products, troubleshooting, debugging and maintenance.

    3 Fully guarantee on-purchase services

 In the process of products using, our company will regularly arrange personnel who is responsible for technical and quality inspection to consult with users on the quality of the products, the use of status in the aspects of feedback and suggestions for improvement, and strive to make the product quality and comprehensive performance further improved.

    4 After-service commitment: can arrive at the scene within 24 hours within China; For international projects, we will immediately arrange on-site service within 12 hours after receiving on-site feedback confirmation, and we will arrive on the scene within 48 hours.

      4.1Three free work: installation, replacement, and repair. Provide parts and services which will only charge for cost price after 18 months.

      4.2For the after-sales service, our company asked the user to fill in the feedback information form, and make the appraisal opinion, in order to further improve the company's service quality

      4.3After-sales service commitment (this commitment will form an integral part of the contract, and the commitment has the same legal effect)

     (1Technical support capacity for after-sales service: 7 technical personnel, 6 personnel on standby for 24hours, fully equipped.

     (2Assign 1 engineer to the site to be responsible for the installation and testing work for each project. Name of the person in charge at the scene: Di Jinyong  Job: After-sales engineer   Title: Engineer

     (3Emergency response time: after the notification, within 24 hours to the scene to carry out maintenance treatment.

     (4)Free warranty period (or warranty period): within 12 months after the installation and operation or within 18 months after goods arrived.

  5Non-free after-sale service

Loss caused by buyer within the warranty period, and need sell’s help

    (1Arrange personnel to the site to identify the reasons freely.

    (2According to the actual situation to determine whether replace damaged parts freely.

    (3Only charge cost if cannot be free of charge.

    (4Within the warranty period, the Seller provides the buyer with the second removal of the product.

   6After the expiration of the warranty

    (1Emergency response time: after the notification, within 24 hours to the scene to carry out maintenance treatment.

    (2Has inventory of the vulnerable parts and the regular spare parts; also has the capacity of valve maintenance and repair.

    (3Only charge the cost price of damaged parts, and ensure that supply original accessories within 10 years, major components can be replaced within 20 years.


      Telephone for pre-sales service+86-10– 60254227/60254229



      Telephone for after-sales service+86-10-60254227 /60254228 to 8030 or 8011

      Mobile phone 18618409972/1371223273


      Term of validityIt will be valid for a long term since September 2002

     Adqvalve Flow Control Industry Group Limited

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