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Cooperative Development

Automatic Control Application Technology

Challenges of Industry 4.0 technology, many industrial enterprises across the country are going to carry out a large-scale industrial automation upgrading. The automated production is very critical in the following industries, such as chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, electric power, chemical fiber, chlor-alkali, iron and steel, aerospace, storage and transportation industries. And the safety measures of flammable and explosive dangerous goods units are also in urgent need of automation. Thus it requires a large number of professional automation equipments, as well as engineers with professional application technology.

AdqvalveRuituo is the quarter-turn control valve manufacturer of Adqvalve Group in Asia-Pacific region. Since the establishment of the factory in Beijing in 2002, AdqvalveRuituo has continuously introduced international high and new technologies and redesigned and developed to provide customized solutions and products for high-end users.

Technology of quarter-turn automatic control valve involves many disciplines and practical applications. In order to solve various industrial technical problems, AdqvalveRuituo launched the "Thousand People Technology Exchange" activity, to share the dividends of science and technology. For those who successfully organize the technical exchange, we will provide funding for the meeting according to the number of participants and professional level, and assist in the continuous promotion work.

This activity invites equipment and instrument professionals in chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, electric power, chemical fiber, chlor-alkali, iron and steel, aerospace, storage and transportation industries to exchange technology. The specific modes of cooperation are as follows:

1.     Besides the customer stored in resource bank of our company(CRM), we will not only provide the travel expense, but also 2000 yuan for organizing conference to people who introduce the principal control instrument director and arrange a technical exchange involving 2 or 5 people; if we can successfully sign the contract with the customer, In addition, labor fees shall be provided in accordance with the contract amount.

2.    Organize the technical meeting of the instrument(1~3persons) , the introduction fee is RMB 500. If the contract can be signed successfully with the customer , then the labor fee shall be provided in accordance with the contract amount .

3.     Specific exchange topics are as follows:

1.    Application technology and field problems of high temperature butterfly valve;

2.   Application of high-frequency cut off butterfly valves(million times) in hydrogen production, nitrogen production, PSA and other conditions;

3.     Application of butterfly and ball valve in dust, polymer, powder working condition;

4.     Application of zero leakage cut-off butterfly/ ball valve used in inlet and outlet of Reactor and regenerative replacement system;

5.     Application of high-end electro-hydraulic regulating system in oil refining and catalytic device;

6.     Application of pneumatic/electro-hydraulic valve in anti-surge situation of large-scale fan;

7.     Application of electro-hydraulic butterfly valve and check valve in power plant;

8.     Automatically cut-off control valves used for inflammable and explosive dangerous goods;

9.     Communication about the application and selection of quarter-turn control valve

10.   Exchange meeting about technique and instrument.

4.   Welcome professional and technical talents, and build long-term cooperation to promote the development and application of new technologies.


Contact person: Mr. Li(Manager)  Tel.: 010-60254227/8/9-8008


Technical Cooperation

Adqvalve·Ruituo welcome companies and individuals at home and abroad to work together on valves and actuators to develop new products






Promote Affiliate

Adqvalve·Ruituo is now looking for agents at home and abroad. Welcome to join us.

Qualification for Joining:

Have good commercial credit, have a certain economic strength, have a fixed business place

Has a wide range of human resources and good sales channels in the local chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, electricity, chemical fiber, chlor-alkali, iron and steel, aerospace, storage and transportation industry instruments and equipment fields.






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