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Adqvalve Beijing Ruituo signs contract with Shandong Propane Dehydrogenation Project

发布时间:2020-06-05     来源:艾德威尔•瑞拓
Adqvalve Beijing Ruituo signs contract with Shandong Propane Dehydrogenation Project

Recently, it was learned from Shandong that Adqvalve Beijing Ruituo and the Shandong Propane Dehydrogenation Project reached a purchase agreement to provide the project with a full-bore high-temperature, tightly shutting butterfly valve under the maximum diameter of 68 inches at 704°C. Shandong Propane Dehydrogenation Project is a recent key chemical project in Shandong. The project is located in Zibo City with a total investment of 1.59 billion yuan.

Adqvalve Beijing Ruituo is an international industrial automation fluid control group enterprise. As a manufacturer of all-metal sealed butterfly valves under severe conditions, it has been long-term recognized by technical experts and users in the industry. During the development of the enterprise, it has attracted a lot of Technical talents are added to it, which provides a powerful technical guarantee for the research and development of high-tech products. Since 2010, it has introduced technology to produce high-temperature butterfly valves, and has achieved remarkable results in MTBE devices. In a series of recent propane dehydrogenation projects, it has also made full use of its technical talents to provide owners with high-efficiency products, and quickly invested in construction and use, so that companies can quickly recover costs and win opportunities.
The large-diameter all-metal sealed high-temperature butterfly valve in this agreement is also an affirmation of its continuous innovation in the field of butterfly valves. In the high-end working conditions, the localization of major equipment introduction technology has taken a firm step, completely replacing imported butterfly valves, which can give Customers reduce project investment.

The butterfly valve not only has technical advantages in the ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature fields, but also has a unique double-fork actuator in the domestic and foreign leading position in technology.

With the continuous development of the domestic chemical industry, Adqvalve Beijing Ruituo has always used technology as the company's guideline and continuously promoted technology updates. It also broke through a world in the field of special valves. PSA high-frequency cut metal seal butterfly valves, Anti-surge pneumatic electro-hydraulic control butterfly valve, pneumatic hydraulic high-frequency switch cut off butterfly valve, these originally can only rely on imported special valve, has now achieved research and development upgrades, and successfully delivered to the owner.

In the future, the company will also use technology leadership as its core driving force to bring more high-quality products to customers.
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