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Scotch yoke pneumatic actuator

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Scotch yoke pneumatic actuatorAir pressure:0.1~1MPa


Environment temperature:-40℃~70℃

1、Scotch yoke pneumatic actuator Details

1.1 Indicator
 Indicators with NAMUR
 standard facilitate the installation of position switches, locators, and other accessories.

1.2 The output shaft
Nickel-plated alloy steel, high precision integrated output shaft in line with NAMUR、ISO5211、DIN3337 standard, can be customized according to customer‘s demand.
1.3 Body
ASTM6005 die-casting aluminum alloy steel can be hard oxidized, epoxy resin sprayed (according to the requirements, spraying blue, brown, yellow, etc.) PTFE coating or nickel plating meet different requirements.
1.4 End cover
Die-casting aluminum alloy surface metal powder sprayed with various colors、PTFE coating or nickel-plated treatment.
1.5 Piston
Double piston rack, with rigid aluminum oxide or cast steel galvanized, symmetric mounting position, quick action, long service life, simple reversal of the piston can change the direction of rotation.
1.6 Travel limit adjustment
Two independent stroke adjustment screw can adjust the open/closed position conveniently and accurately.
1.7 High performance spring
High-quality materials, coating treatment, pre-press assembly. Strong corrosion resistance and long service life. 
The single acting actuator can be disassembled safely and simply, and through changing the number of springs to meet the different torque output.

1.8 Bearings, guide board
Made from low friction, long-life compound material, to avoid the direct contact between metals, simple and convenient maintenance and replacement.
1.9 Seal

Use nitrile rubber at room temperature under the conditions of work, fluorine rubber or silicone rubber under high temperature or low 

2、 Scotch yoke pneumatic actuator temperature.

2.1 working medium
Dry or lubricated air or non corrosive gas less than 30um particulate medium.
2.2 Air pressure
Min air pressure 2 bar, Max air pressure 10 bar。
2.3 Ambient temperature
normal temperature:-20°~+80°
low temperature:-35°~+80°
high temperature:-150°~+150°
2.4 Scotch yoke pneumatic actuator characteristics
The solid shell, powder-coating end cover, stainless steel and nickel inner parts. Because of our strict requirement for quality, each actuator are passed function test. Under normal operating conditions, the service life can reach more than 1000000 times.

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